Monday, January 10, 2011

The Making of A Slap in the Face

Hey, yo! Grant here again. Jon wasn't there for this production either. Actually, it was just myself and Luke, the pretty face who graced our the video with his presence.

This week started tragically, Gary and Jon were going to be gone for the week, on different trips, and we hadn't ourselves a video. We discussed our state of videolessness on the way to the airport, to drop Jon off. We even considered filming on the way. We came to the conclusion that either I would be making a video myself, Jon would be making one with his Girlfriend, or we would use an old unreleased video. Gary wouldn't have the ability to make anything on his trip. Not much of a conclusion, we know.
Jon and I began to plan.

Each option had it's worries. We were worried I wouldn't be able to produce something on my own, I've never taken part in the technical side. I've watched Gary and Jon edit a lot and have really tried to learn during our regular filming dates. My one hope was in a video that I had been planning on doing for awhile, the video we ended up releasing.

I was worried that Jon, without a plan, wouldn't make something funny enough as a side not to his trip.
I also just really liked the idea of making one myself. Jon's video will be out this Tuesday.

The last option, using an unreleased video, didn't seem like much of an option. We mainly had a twenty second clip that was funny, but not much of a weekly video.

I planned on making the video immediately. I contacted Luke and we were good to go. We shot on Monday, a day before it needed to be released. Luke and I met in a park and had a good time yelling at eachother. We were down video equipment due to Gary and Jon's absence. I had the Rebel T2i, a bucket, a wooden box, and a paper plate (to protect the mic from wind). We set up camera angles by balancing the bucket on top of the box on top of a park bench, it was very stable, but it wasn't as nice as an adjustable tripod.
I would like to give credit to Luke for his acting and humor. I think he did great. Without him, who knows how it would have turned out.

I stayed up all night editing and learning Vegas 10 (our editing software). I had watched Gary enough to know generally what I was doing. I uploaded the video between 1 and 3pm on Tuesday. Youtube has been glitching  on uploads for us. You will notice, again, the boxed nature of the thumbnail and the inability to watch in 1080p. The video was shot and rendered with the same settings as many of our other videos. We'll have to look into this.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks for watching! Have a great day!

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