Monday, January 03, 2011

The Making of The Tub

Guess what!? I am not Jonathan, I am Grant, and this is my first time posting on the blog!
Why am I here? Well, Jonathan wasn't present for the production of The Tub.
Why? I will tell all. I'll try to stick to the facts, my memory isn't quite as detailed as Jon's sometimes. 

Last week Jonathan, Gary, and I met at The Obstacle to shoot a video. We didn't know what we were going to film. After a long time talking it over at McDonald's we came up with only one idea, to have myself followed by a phantom car that disappears when I look over my shoulder. We weren't sold on the idea so we headed for the nearby Borders, in hopes we would come up with something. No luck. 
While in the Borders we heard some people discussing the subject of zombies. We listened for a little while, one young man was explaining the whole zombie fad. His main point was that the fad was based upon the fear of total helplessness and the loss of self control. We proceeded to waste time chasing each other like zombies through the Borders, hoping these conversationalists would see us. No luck. We only got awkward giggles from some random chicks sipping coffee.

So, we were at a strip mall and had no ideas. We decided to head over to the local SuperMarket to grab some much needed "Special Juice" for my sister. The juice is actually called "Simply Nutritious Mega-Antioxidant" and is some juice that my mom treats our siblings to when they're sick.

We headed back to McDonald's to talk. After a bit more discussion we settled on the phantom car idea. We shot it in the freezing, windy weather. Jonathan's camera-holding-hands were shivered to the bone. During the filming process some rowdy youth asked us if we were famous. The filming was done and we were set for Tuesday. But alas! The footage wasn't enough and the video didn't piece together nicely. To add insult to injury, I somehow didn't manage to download a certain clip from the camera's memory card (we found that out later). We had no video for Tuesday and it was already Monday morning!

Gary and I spent the day thinking of ideas. The ideas varied, I remember one about hanging meat off of a tree. My favorite idea was to have Gary and I each holding a dog and yelling at each other over who's dog is better. It wasn't until about 1am that we settled on sitting in a tub together. We had to wait until the next morning, Tuesday morning, to yell at each other in our small house, without waking anyone up.

The next day, Gary and I got up out of bed and started thinking out the video.
We started filming at about 11am, Tuesday morning. We didn't have much time, our deadline was 2ish!
The filming process went nicely, though we didn't know what to think. We were trying our best to pump out a last minute video. Finally we finished and brought the footage to the computer. Sitting down, we thought over the insanity of what we had just recorded. We had no confidence the video would turn out well at all. 
Gary sped through the editing process at lightning speed. We then realized that in our mad dash to record a video we had left our camera on the 60i, 720p setting. That simply means we had it on a lower level of HD shooting 60 interlaced frames per second, as opposed to our standard 1080p (full HD), 24 Frame per second videos. We figured we couldn't do anything about it and Gary continued to edit. We started the upload to YouTube at 2:30pm, still a bit embarrassed and confused at our own video.
Upon uploading the video had somehow boxed itself in! We freaked out for second. If you look at old videos like Anti-Social Episode 1 you will see the boxed in nature I am talking about. It turned out the video hadn't finished processing and it was fine after that had completed. If you look at the embedded player above you will see the remnant thumbnail YouTube left us. It is boxed in like the video had been.  After the excitement died down, the video began to grow on us. We made it public and the video was a hit!

Some people have considered our latest video a bit sketchy. It is meant to be taken like an awkward brother moment, nothing more. I am sure everyone with siblings has taken a mutual tub when they were little children, the video is about an older brother that hasn't grown out of that. Please understand that the lines are meant to be taken literally and innocently.

Have a great day! Thanks for watching! Check our Youtube channel every Tue. @ 2ish for more videos!

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